Growth Communities are our way of being the Church in smaller groups.

Here, we engage what it means to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, as well as how to love other people.

These groups take place in homes, apartments, offices, coffee shops, etc. Growth Community participants are a group of people journeying, serving, and learning to be more like Jesus in their daily display to others.

We aim to create “refrigerator relationships” in our Growth C’s.

This term simply means that you and other people in the group are so close to each other, that you are comfortable with walking to each other’s homes and taking something out of the fridge without any awkwardness or confusion occurring.

Therefore, we try to divide our groups by location so that you can journey through life with those you actually live near. Hopefully, this will also make it easier to bring your neighbors into that same family, so they can see and experience Jesus living and moving among you.

Union Square

Mon @ 6:30pm

Union Square

Tues @ 7:00pm

Franklin Square

Wed @ 6:30pm


Wed @ 7:00pm

Couples’ Group

Thur @ 7:15pm